We want to announce a few more charity donations today.
Team Fitzgerald 12/22/2012 10:31:03 AM Larry's Blog

We want to announce a few more charity donations today. I'll be making a donation to each of the following organizations nominated by fans.

Thornydale Elementary in Tucson was nominated by the principal as well as several students and parents. I've decided to donate $2,000 to them, $1000 for the playground they requested and another $1000 for school supplies. How could anyone fail to support those kids! They have a matching program for the playground equipment so think about making a donation by sending a check to Thornydale Elementary School, 7651 N. Oldfather Dr., Tucson, AZ 85741.

$1,000 will be donated to TyREDD, which was established to raise awareness about the dangers of driving while tired. Many people die every year as a result of drowsy driving, including many young people who are just beginning to learn how to be good drivers. TyREDD was nominated by Kerrie, Kyle, and many other people.

John and Kim nominated the Arthritis Foundation, a national organization dedicated to prevention and treatment of arthritis. Most people think of arthritis as a disease that affects older people but it also affects many young people even before they've been able to really get out and enjoy physical activity. $1,000 will be donated to this organization.

$1,000 will be donated to the Weekend Backpack Program of Feedmore in Richmond Virginia. Kids are given backpacks filled with six meals to get them through the weekend. The donation will provide a backpack for 100 kids who depend on the public school lunch program for their nutrition during the week. Thank you Patrick for nominating this organization.

The holidays are a time to give thanks and to support people in need in your community. Many blessings to all of you!

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