An Amazing Day On Capitol Hill
Larry Fitzgerald 5/8/2013 7:00:00 PM Larry's Blog

Today I spent an amazing day on Capitol Hill to raise awareness for a subject very important to me- good health and nutrition. Through my partnership with EAS Sports Nutrition, I’ve learned firsthand the critical role that nutrition and dietary supplements play in fueling my performance- both on and off the field.

To drive continued support and access to safe dietary supplements for future athletes, I spent the day visiting with members of Congress. My first stop was Senator John McCain’s office. The Senator, a proud representative of my home state, graciously gave me a tour of the history-filled walls of the Senate offices in the Capitol building with stops in the Rotunda, and the Senate floor where critical hearings and votes take place every day. With more than 30 years of service in Congress, I was honored to spend time with Senator McCain and learn about his life and the top issues on his agenda.

Next we met with another Arizona representative, Senator Jeff Flake, and his enthusiastic office of new staffers. We talked nutrition, football and about his skills in annual Congress baseball tournament- which sounds like one competitive game! I then met with family friend and Congressman Danny K. Davis of Illinois to discuss the importance of role models and youth leadership. He’s spent much of his career advocating for health and youth initiatives- I want to personally thank him for his dedication. Wrapping up my visits, I spent time with Representative Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ) – another fine example of a gracious representative who has committed her life work to advancing important causes for Arizona and this country.

I finished the day with an address to nearly 50 members of the Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus to illustrate the need for continued access to safe dietary supplements for athletes of all levels. Drawing on my nearly 10 years in the NFL, I was able to share my personal story of working hard and taking no shortcuts to reach my goals and dreams. Thanks to everyone who supported this event and took the time to consider this important topic- the work you do is amazing and I’m grateful to have spent the time sharing and learning from you.

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