Larry Fitzgerald to Partner with Next Healthcare to Launch CelBank PRO
Team Fitzgerald 8/28/2014 1:49:17 PM In The Media

NFL Player Larry Fitzgerald to Partner with Next Healthcare to Launch CelBank PRO™

Six-Time NFL Pro Bowl Wide Receiver to Help Launch Adult Stem Cell Banking Products for Pro Athletes to Offer Hope for Future Treatment of Disease or Injury

 August 28, 2014 (Baltimore, MD) Next Healthcare (NHC), a Maryland biotech company, and Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, today announced a partnership to launch CelBank PRO™, a regenerative medicine product intended for professional athletes.

Larry, a six-time NFL pro bowl wide receiver who has been playing for the Cardinals since 2004, is partnering with Next Healthcare to support the emerging field of regenerative medicine. Next Healthcare is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine and is focusing CelBank PRO™ on the needs of the professional athlete.

Next Healthcare harnesses the power of the body’s built-in repair system, stem cells, by storing them in an FDA-registered tissue preservation lab for future adult stem cell therapeutic applications. Cells are harvested in a physician’s office through a simple skin or blood sample, banked, expanded, and when needed, returned to the person’s body for use. The cells have shown the ability to find and repair sites of damage. The simplest and most compelling therapies in regenerative medicine use the body’s own stem cells to heal damaged body tissues.

“Vin and his team at Next Healthcare are pioneers regenerative medicine. This rapidly growing specialty is expected to rapidly grow and deliver useful therapies for athletes like me,” said Fitzgerald. “Many pros athletes have joint issues, especially after their playing years. The chance to be involved in creating CelBank PRO™ for elite athletes is a privilege.”

Next Healthcare will work with each professional athlete to consult on their specific needs and create a customized banking program that includes consultation, appointment scheduling, testing, sample processing and secure stem cell cryo-preservation.

“Larry is well-known in the NFL regarding his concern for the long-term health of both youth and pro athletes,” said Vin Singh, CEO of Next Healthcare “We were pleased that he is working with us in developing a new product specifically designed for pro athletes, and it will be based on our recently introduced regenerative medicine product, CelBank™.”

About CelBank and Next Healthcare

CelBank™ is a personal tissue bank that stores cellular starting materials for cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine practices. Saved when a person is healthy, these tissues are cryopreserved for use in potential adult stem cell therapeutic applications. Visit www.CelBankPRO.com and www.CelBankUSA.com for more information.

Next Healthcare Inc. is a Maryland biotech company founded with the goal of enabling and creating regenerative medicine products and services. Regenerative medicine uses the body’s natural adult stem cells to repair and restore impaired body function caused by disease or injury. The company operates an FDA-registered tissue preservation lab and engages in cell processing research.

Celbank and CelBank PRO are tissue-banking services. It is not offered for or claimed to be a therapeutic for any medical condition. CelBank services are available only through a doctor.


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