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04.06.2019 11:08:26 PM
Larry Fitzgerald
9th Annual Larry Fitzgerald Double Play Celebrity Softball Game

23.01.2019 04:45:25 PM
Brandon Sroda
Hey im Brandon Sroda and im from mishawaka Indiana my best friend dan Koehler looks up to u i been friends with this kid for like 20 years meet in elementary school and hes love for youre jersey was insane i think he wore it everyday ....i mean everyday trying to run routes like u and catch u like u he definitely look up to u and i wanted to see if u can sign a nfl football for me so i can give it to dan Koehler He just got out of the marines in 2017 he did 2 tours in Afghanistan that would mean alot for me to see his face light up since he been threw alot Thanks for all u do on the field and off the field it sure doesn't go unnoticed Thanks From Brandon sroda

28.12.2018 03:04:29 AM
Alex Hartley
Dear Mr. Fitzgerald, My name is Alex Hartley,and I am 16 years old from Chicago. Being a fan of the cardinals has run through the family, ever since there origin in Chicago. I have even personally met Dru Grigson and have e-mailed him a few times. But that’s besides the point. I’m not writing this message asking for anything, becasue I don’t need anything, and I know the chances of you reading this are slim, but I wanted you to know how much you’ve done for me. You are a true inspiration to many, and an amazing role model and example. You’ve been my favorite athlete for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always admired your mentality towards the game, as well as your genuine care for others, both inside and outside the game. You are a stand up act and again, an inspiration. But anyway, I just wanted to let you know the positive impact you have even out here in Illinois. I hope you have another great game against the Seahawks, and I’m looking forward to watching you play again.

28.11.2018 07:54:06 AM
saffe ullah khalid
i am your big fan

09.07.2018 12:47:52 PM
Mike Dietrich
My son is a huge fan and now you can see, my grandson is as well.

25.05.2018 02:44:11 PM
Carol Tompkins
Thanks Larry, Go Cardinals.....

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